IdealShape Review: Can Losing Weight Really Be Delicious?

Many weight loss brands today continuously launch new products with the hopes of boosting profits and rarely truly cares about the weight loss results that customers achieve. This does not only lead to ineffective dieting and a lack of motivation in obese people but also causes a great deal of money to be wasted on products that have not been proven to work.

IdealShape has been around for quite some time now and has gained popularity as a universal brand of weight loss products that help customers achieve a better, healthier body composition. The brand is home to many different products that work in unique ways to stimulate the reduction of weight.

What Is IdealShape?

idealshape review

IdealShape is a perfect solution for people who are looking for a brand that can offer them a variety of weight loss products. Numerous brands only offer single products – this can become unpleasant when additional products are needed for optimal results.

This brand focuses on ensuring they have everything that a customer may need to lose weight. They also do not focus on specific goals, but rather offers a generalized approach that allows the customer to decide what they would prefer.

One thing that we really liked about this brand was the fact that they do not only focus on selling products to their customers, but also provides a large number of resources to help further their customers lose weight. This includes frequent blog posts, tips, and tricks, as well as recipes that are both delicious and healthy.

What Do They Sell?

The entire brand is focused on developing products focused on helping the user reach their weight loss goals faster. All products made by the IdealShape brand includes natural ingredients that are often rich in nutrients known to boost health and enhance metabolism.

The brand aims to provide their customers with solutions that can help to speed up the rate at which they burn fat, as well as help the customer to control their cravings better. Cravings often pose as a significant threat when it comes to weight loss – when a person continuously reaches for unhealthy snacks when they experience cravings, their efforts to lose weight go to waste, and they start to gain weight again.

IdealShape Most Popular Products

IdealShape Products

This brand has quite a large number of products that can be purchased from their website. This can seem a little overwhelming for a person who would like to lose weight, but not sure where to start. There are specific products featured by the IdealShape brand that seems to be especially popular amongst their existing customers, such as:


A range of meal replacement shakes that includes a variety of nutritional content. These shakes are 100% natural and feed the body essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to stay healthy, but without including the large amounts of sugar and carbs found in the unhealthy meals many people eat during lunch.


Similar to the IdealShake products, these bars are intended to replace a single meal each day – usually lunch. They are also packed with important nutrients and will not cause excess weight gain.


A drink that is easy to mix and provides a dual-action formula. These drinks come in various flavors. They help to reduce the appetite of the user, while also speeding up metabolism to put their body into a “weight loss mode.”

IdealShape Side Effects

No serious side-effects were reported by users when we looked at the reviews that were provided by individuals who have purchased and used products in the IdealShape range. We looked at reviews from different locations to obtain a better understanding of how the products provided by this brand works and whether users may be exposed to any serious risks.

Mild side-effects were reported among some users. Many of the side-effects reported by these users are relatively common in weight loss products that help to speed up metabolism and detoxify the user’s body.

The most common side-effects included some mild stomach upset, often accompanied by diarrhea. The majority of cases where these side-effects do develop tend to resolve on their own within a few days. This means the user can continue using the products without being at risk of more serious complications.

Is IdealShape A Scam?

Even though the rise of the internet has made our lives much easier, it has also caused the number of scams being executed to rise incredibly high. Not having to go into a local store or meet up in person to purchase a product can seem beneficial for the customer, but also opportunistic for the individual who wants to scam people.

After spending some time doing research on the IdealShape brand, we could not find any claims that suggest this brand may be scamming their customers. The majority of reviews and comments left behind by previous customers claim that the company ships out orders quickly and that real results can be achieved with the use of the products that are offered by this particular brand.

IdealShape Reviews & Complaints

idealshape reviews

Analyzing reviews that have been left by individuals who already used products by this brand before is important. Brands like IdealShape can easily mislead customers by showcasing unrealistic “results” on their homepages. These results can often be false. This is why we never restrict our search for reviews to an official brand website – instead, we look at external sources for reviews and opinions of previous individuals who have used the products.

This brand has a profile on Shopper Approved, one of the most trustworthy sources of reviews and ratings for thousands of different brands. A quick look at this brand’s profile on the Shopper Approved platform reveals that most customers who have purchased these products before are very happy with what the products offered them.

It should be noted that, even though the majority of these reviews are positive, there are some negative comments that individuals interested in using this brand’s products should also take a look at and keep in mind while they are trying to decide which brand of weight loss products they should turn to if they want to live a healthier life.

Most negative reviews found on the product’s profile at third-party review sites claim that the product did not work as expected for these individuals. Some minor concerns were also raised about side-effects, but there are no reports about side-effects that became serious for any users.

Here’s a closer look at some reviews of people who have used products from this brand before.

User Judson W. says:

“…It tastes great, and I didn’t crave other sweetened drinks when drinking it, but it gave me no extra energy boost, and absolutely did NOT control or even curb my appetite.”

User tim z, however, had this to say:

“Wife really loved these. She used these instead of coffee.”

IdealShape: Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It

idealshape logo

IdealShape is an online brand of weight loss products that provide all of their products in one location – an official e-commerce store that represents the entire brand. Individuals who would like to try out these products can simply visit the online store and start browsing through the various products that the brand has to offer.

All of their products, including the latest additions to the brand’s line of weight loss items, can be found on this e-commerce store.

The shopping experience is very simple and convenient, and the website accepts a large variety of payment methods, including credit and debit card – transactions are processed over a secure connection to ensure the safety of the customer’s identity and credit card details.

The prices vary for different products offered by this weight loss brand. Overall, the products that can be purchased on their website seems to be affordable. When compared to other brands that offer meal replacement shakes and weight loss supplements, this brand’s prices are not too high, but also not on the cheaper side.

  • A meal replacement shake for men costs $49.99 for a 30-day supply.
  • A box of 30 IdealBoost Black Cherry craving control sachets costs $39.99 – also a 30-day supply.
  • The brand also offers a 30-day weight loss bundle, which comes with a variety of products to help the customer lose weight. This bundle costs $124.99.

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

One particular feature that many people tend to look for when they buy a weight loss product from a brand they have not yet tried out before is a money-back guarantee. Such a feature ensures that a customer can try a product and return it for a refund if the product is unable to help them lose weight effectively – with many products on the market not providing real results to some users, this type of guarantee is important for many people.

Fortunately, IdealShape is one of those brands that offer a full refund on the customer’s order if they are not completely satisfied with the results they achieved while using these products. The brand allows customers to buy any products from them and give these products a try for up to 30 days. When the customer decides they are not really happy with the results and would no longer wish to continue using the products, they can get in touch with the brand and arrange a refund.

IdealShape Pros & Cons


  • Thousands of happy customers support this brand. They do not restrict the sharing of reviews to their platform but have rather decided to utilize an external product review website to ensure that the rating and review of their brand and the products they manufacturer is fair and honest.
  • The brand has quite a large number of different product ranges. This, in turn, gives the customer more choices to choose from when looking to utilize meal replacement shakes, capsules, and other products to help them in their goal of reaching a healthy body weight.
  • Added benefits offered by this brand can help customers gain access to their products at reduced prices. One excellent example of such a benefit would be the customer loyalty program that offers the customer a number of products that can be purchased for points earned by continuously relying on this brand.
  • The products offered by this brand include different formulas that are based on scientific research. This adds to the potential of these products and provides the customer with peace of mind that the ingredients and some formulas have previously been tested out on others and was proven to be beneficial when used in combination with certain types of weight loss programs.


  • While thousands of people have rated this system of supplements, shakes and other weight loss products full starts at different online platforms, this does not represent all users – we found a relatively large number of reviews that claimed the products offered by this brand to be a waste of money.
  • The availability of this brand is somewhat restricted as it seems like they primarily focus on customers who stay in the United States. This is a particularly common problem with many weight loss supplements, as international clients would not be able to place an order.
  • Some products offered by the IdealShape brand may cause the user to experience some discomfort and potentially develop side-effects. Even though the majority of past users who claim to have experienced side-effects did note that these effects were very mild, there have been cases with more unpleasant side-effects.

IdealShape Review: Conclusion

idealshape review conclusion

Weight loss is an important step that should be taken by any person with a BMI that classifies them as either being overweight or obese. Dieting and physical exercise play a vital role in the process of losing weight. Behavioral traits, such as being able to control cravings, is another important factor playing a role in the success of a person’s weight loss efforts.

A variety of brands have been established to help individuals lose weight faster and more effectively. IdealShape is a complete system of weight loss products that utilizes some of the most recent advancements in weight loss research to deliver an effective supportive approach.

This brand has a significant number of positive reviews to back up their claims. Reviews from their customers can be found on their website and on many online review platforms, ensuring a more honest outlook on the efficiency of this brand’s products.

Reviews found on the internet suggests that this brand truly cares for their customers and delivers delicious products that aid in the shedding of excess weight. The brand frequently announced new products to assist their customers in their weight loss journeys further. The brand seems to be trustworthy, and their products have been deemed safe.

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